Egypt ranked fourth out of 47 African countries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, according to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Report for 2022. Thirty percent of Egypt's public investments in the current fiscal year are linked to sustainable development goals, and this percentage will increase to 50% in the fiscal year 2024/2025, compared to 15% in the previous fiscal year's budget.
Egypt has developed a roadmap in 2018 to encourage investments related to climate and sustainable development goals.
One example is the "energy strategy", which is regularly updated to enhance the efficiency of this vital sector and encourage expansion in renewable energy fields. This is achieved by deepening private sector investments, considering it a genuine partner in implementing programs, projects, and initiatives supporting the transition to a green economy.
It is noteworthy that Egypt continues to work on the production of green hydrogen to effectively contribute to international efforts to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. We aim to make optimal use of our strategic location and the abundance of renewable energy sources to maximize our export capabilities.

Egypt’s Path towards Macroeconomic Stability